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Who we service ? 

Tri-Community Ambulance Service provides prehospital emergency medical treatment to sick and injured patients. Tri-Community Ambulance Service responds to many types of incidents. Call types include but are not limited to medical calls in the home, medical calls in the workplace, Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA's), Hazmat EMS Support and patient transport, EMS support at structural fire calls, EMS support and transport at Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI), and much more!


Tri-Community Ambulance responds to emergency 911 calls. We DO NOT schedule or handle any inter-facility or nonemergency calls.


Tri-Community Ambulance Service, Inc. proudly serves residents of the following fire districts:

Bergholz Fire Company

Pekin Fire Company

Sanborn Fire Company

Saint Johnsburg Fire Company


Tri-Community Ambulance serves across the towns of Cambria, Lewiston, Wheatfield and the Tuscarora Indian Nation. We also provide mutual aid as needed.

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