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Billing Questions 


Billing Questions 


If you were a patient of Tri-Community, you may have or will be receiving correspondence from "MEDEX Billing, Inc.". 


Tri-Community Ambulance Service has contracted with MEDEX Billing, Inc 

to handle our patient billing services; so, we may remain focused on EMS services to our community that we service.


If you have any questions or concerns related to a patient bill for services, please kindly contact MEDEX directly:


Medex Billing, Inc.

8020 East Main Road

LeRoy, NY 14482

Toll Free: 1-800-716-8015


Click here to send MEDEX an online inquiry!

If you need to pay a bill you can click here to pay bill online



Why does a ambulance cost so much? 

Why does an ambulance trip cost so much? 

Unlike rideshare programs, you are receiving New York State trained personnel and specialized lifesaving equipment. Ambulance equipment includes things like the patient gurney, immobilization equipment, bleeding control equipment, medications, IV supplies, and much more. Unfortunately, the cost of this equipment and medications continues to rise annually and we do not get these medications or equipment for free. 

Additionally, unlike private vehicle transport or other fee services; an ambulance is staffed and ready to handle any type of patient condition. Should a patient's condition worsen during the transport to the hospital, we are able to intervene, where other types of transportation would be unprepared for such changes in patient condition. 

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