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Company History 


1956 - The Sanborn-Pekin Ambulance Service was formed to address a growing need of not having a local ambulance service. Residents grew concerned over the considerable time it took for an ambulance to come from one of the nearby cities to answer calls in our area. In the first month of service, the Sanborn-Pekin Ambulance Service received only three calls! Today, Tri-Community runs an average of 180 calls per month!

1958 - Pekin Garage donates 2 days' worth of profits to the ambulance service! Unfortunately, you don't see that kind of community dedication nowadays! Also, the same year the ambulance service purchased a 1952 Cadillac Ambulance for $2,500.00.

Investing in our company

1962 - the ambulance service purchased 2 buildings this year. A different name, same mission

1963 - This year marked some profound change for the ambulance service. First, the Sanborn-Pekin Ambulance Service was renamed to Tri-Community Ambulance Service. Tri-Community also purchased 2 ambulances that year, one for the Sanborn unit and one for the Bergholz unit.

1972 - Since the start of the ambulance service, all emergency calls for service were routed to members' homes where dedicated phone dispatchers would each take shifts to answer any inbound calls. Starting in 1972 all emergency dispatching and communications occurred at the Niagara County Sheriff's Department. 1972 proved to be a big year for EMS in New York State as well, as this was the year that the Medical Emergency Technician program began in New York.

1977 - Tri-Community Ambulance and Tri-Town Ambulance partnered to purchase a new base radio, which was donated to the Niagara County Sheriff's Department for use. Also, this year began the Pekin ambulance being stationed formally at Pekin fire company.

1986 - A representative from Tri-Community Ambulance Service spoke at the New York State Department of Health Article 30 proposal hearing in Buffalo, NY.

1995 - Tri-Community Ambulance Service broke ground on a new property to centralize all operations out of one station. The Sanborn-Pekin unit and Bergholz unit would now be housed together out of one station, located at 6276 Ward Road. 

1996 - Tri-Community increased our level of care from BLS to ILS in 1996 to provide additional service and care for our community. New Station was put into service. 

2001 - Tri-Community Ambulance increased our level of care from ILS (Intermediate Life Support) to ALS-Paramedic (Advanced Life Support). This is the same level of care our agency is today. 

National tragedy strikes. Tri-Community Ambulance was called upon to activate and report to New York City following the terrorist attack of September 11th. Tri-Community Unit 2 reported to New York City to cover calls with crew members: Sherri Reischel, Chad Shepherd, Margaret Blake, Scott Blake, Wendi Walker and Amanda Ohlson.

2003 - Tri-Community has seen a steady increase in calls each year. To help ensure we have the proper number of ambulances for our district, Tri-Community increased our ambulance fleet from 2 ambulances to 3 ambulances. The third ambulance was purchased from South Lockport Fire Company.

2005 - Our new 2005 Marque Ambulance was placed into service (Ambulance 330). Additionally, Tri-Community purchased 4 brands new LifePak 12 cardiac heart monitors with pacemaker, defibrillator and 12-lead capabilities. Tri-Community also started providing automatic ALS mutual aid to Shawnee Fire Company.

2008 - Tri-Community Ambulance began using IAMRESPONDING.COM for electronic scheduling and response planning. With the advent of IAMRESPONDING, Tri-Community was able to get rid of our old logbook and calendars for shift planning. Now members are able to sign up electronically from their home computers, iPad or smartphone. Also, when a call is received by Tri-Community, responders can now call into our 800 number or use the mobile app to advise they are responding and for what unit.

2010 - Tri-Community welcomes twins! We purchased two twin ambulances to replace our aging Ambulance 331 (1995) and Ambulance 332 (1997). These twin rigs were dedicated in memory of Joe Emmons (Ambulance 331) and Jeff Gerbec (Ambulance 332).

2012 - Tri-Community upgraded from paper patient care reports to electronic care reports. Each ambulance is equipped with a Toughbook computer that the charts are completed on and then the report is sent electronically to the hospital.

2013 - Tri-Community purchased 4 brand new Lifepak 15 Heart Monitors to replace our current Lifepak 12 Heart Monitors.

Out with the old, in with the new.

2014 - Tri-Community Ambulance was proud to have paid off our building mortgage. Also, during this year we replaced our aging ALS Flycar with a new 2014 Chevy Tahoe.

2015 - Tri-Community purchased 3 power lift stretchers and 3 load systems for our fleet. With this added technology, our patients and crew members alike have the added safety when transporting, loading and unloading patients while our crews benefit with reduced possibility of back injuries.

2016 - Tri-Community Replaced the 2005 ambulance with a 2016 Demers Ambulance and dedicated it to the lives lost on September 11th.

2019 - Tri-Community replaces one of the 2010 twin ambulances with a 2019 Demers and dedicated it to Wayne Stoelting. 

2020 - The world and medical community are hit with the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Mask Mandates, Social Distancing, and Toilet paper shortage. 


2021 - Tri-Community Ambulance purchases a 2021 Demers ambulance and adds a fourth ambulance to the fleet. 

2022 - Tri-Community Ambulance leases office space to hold meeting and trainings. 

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