Tri-Community Ambulance 

Proudly serving the residents of the Bergholz, Pekin, Sanborn and St. Johnsburg Fire districts since 1956!

Welcome to Tri-Community Ambulance Service 

Tri-Community Ambulance Service Inc. has been serving the fire districts of Bergholz, Pekin, Sanborn, and St. Johnsburg since 1956!  Our staff is 100% volunteer. Individually, we are men and women, just like you, that have careers, families and households to take care of.  Together, we are a group of citizens that come together to ensure our community has the EMS protection they need.  

Tri-Community is stationed in the Town of Wheatfield.  Tri-Community proudly serves in the towns of Wheatfield, Lewiston, Cambria and the Tuscarora Indian Nation.  Tri-Community has assisted our neighboring towns and cities when the need arises through mutual aid requests.