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WREMAC Mandatory Annual Skills Verification Homepage

It's that time of year again!  We are now starting our annual WREMAC Provider Skills Verification.  These skills must be completed no later than June 24, 2018 so we can ensure all paperwork is processed on our end and submitted to WREMAC by the deadline.

We have created this company "homepage" so you can check one centralized location for up-to-date information pertaining to the annual skills verification.

Click here to review our WREMAC guidance document!

Click here to review our Education Module/Cypherworx guidance doc

So.....where do you begin?  There are a few options.  You only have to complete this annual skills verification at one organization.  Meaning, if you work/volunteer at TCA/MEMS/AMR/Tri-Town, and you get this done at your other affiliate, you just need to furnish a copy of these forms to us.  These forms must be validated and signed by a WREMAC approved preceptor.  

The agency you are completing this at must be the same level of care as what you serve here.  For example, if you are an ALS provider and your fire company is only BLS, you will need to complete your ALS Annual Skills Verification with our agency.  Tri-Community must ensure all providers have been validated properly, so we do reserve the right to validate credentials of the WREMAC preceptor that signed your form with WREMAC.  If there are any concerns where we cannot accept the forms, we will need you to complete the full provider skills verification with our agency.

Every provider will need to complete a Provider Privilege Application.  Even if you complete your skills at another agency, Tri-Community will still need a Provider Privilege Application from you with Tri-Community listed as the agency at the top of the form.  Any other agency can be listed under the "affiliates" portion of the form.  

You will need to complete your annual skills verification with an approved preceptor.  This can be done as noted above with your other organizations, or here at Tri-Community with our approved personnel.  We have a list of approved preceptors available from this homepage for ease of operation.  

Once you complete the PPA form and your annual skills audit, these forms will need to be submitted to the 2nd Asst Chief mailbox.  If you need copies of these forms for your other agencies, please let your approved trainer know, and if they do not have access to the office please email the 2nd Asst Chief for a copy request, and copies will be posted to the bulletin board near the office.  (email:  [email protected] ).