Tri-Community Ambulance 

Proudly serving the residents of the Bergholz, Pekin, Sanborn and St. Johnsburg Fire districts since 1956!

Tri-Community Fleet

Tri-Community Ambulance maintains a fleet of 4 vehicles to serve the needs of our residents.  We run a total of 3 ambulances and 1 ALS Flycar.

FAQ:  is the same ambulance always unit 1?

Answer:  Tri-Community radio codes are "Tri-Community Unit 1", "Tri-Community Unit 2" and "Tri-Community Unit 3".  Our primary (first call received) is assigned to Unit 1.  Any second and third ambulance calls that come in are assigned to Unit 2 and Unit 3, respectively.  While we run a decent amount of Unit 2 and Unit 3 calls annually, the bulk of the workload comes in on Unit 1.  To help keep mileages somewhat even, and not to place all the wear and tear onto one rig, we rotate the ambulances themselves each month though the Unit 1, 2, and 3 assignment slots.

Ambulance 330

Ambulance 331

Ambulance 332

Flycar 333 (Medic 5)