Tri-Community Ambulance 

Proudly serving the residents of the Bergholz, Pekin, Sanborn and St. Johnsburg Fire districts since 1956!

First Responder Assistance
Help those who help others....

Some people dream of being heroes.....others relive it in their nightmares

As first responders, we are often called to people's worst day in their life.  Many of the outcomes are positive, and many of our calls are "routine" for those trained in EMS and first response.  However, we do run our fair share of non-routine and critical calls, many with sad or negative outcomes.

To ensure we are ready to handle the next call, we must first take care of ourselves and crew.  This page is dedicated to ensuring resources are readily available for our Tri-Community members and ANY first responder that chooses to reference our page!

Reaching out for help is NOT a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength.