Tri-Community Ambulance 

Proudly serving the residents of the Bergholz, Pekin, Sanborn and St. Johnsburg Fire districts since 1956!

Tri-Community Junior's Program

Are you interested in the Emergency Medical field?  Are you looking to give back to the community while having a good time doing it?  Tri-Community Ambulance Service, Inc. may be the right fit for you!

Tri-Community Ambulance Service has a "Junior Member" program for those between the ages of 14 and 17 years of age.

Junior Member
  • 14-17 years old
  • Maintain grades in school
  • Have parental permission

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So...what does a "Junior Member" do....

Our Junior Members are held to a high standard, just like our members.  The purpose of this program is to prepare our future responders for the everyday emergencies they will encounter as providers.  We also have our fair share of fun as shown in the picture where the Juniors are playing "ebola ball", a version of dodge ball utilizing our ebola personal protective gear.

As a Junior Member, you will attend meetings, drills and other educational programs to bring our members on-line with the latest technology and advances of EMS and local protocol.  We routinely invite the Junior Members to participate as they are not only part of our crew, but also future active responders!

In addition, our Juniors are permitted to participate in "ride along" shifts with our company.  This will be discussed in much further detail once they join, but our Juniors routinely are participating in shifts with our duty crews to gain real-world experience in EMS!

A Junior will be permitted to ride along with crews that are properly trained and prepared to look out for our Junior responders.  Our Juniors are also required to take the same pre-incident in-service training as our active responders (HIPAA and Bloodborne pathogens training) to ensure their compliance and understanding of these important topics.

What if my child is on duty when a really bad call comes in?

Tri-Community is a "24/7" EMS organization that responds to various types of calls each year, like any other organization!

We never know what the next call will be, or what is waiting for us at the end of the alert tone activating!  Tri-Community will take as many precautions as possible to shield our Junior Responders from a really bad call or patient interaction.  These include, but are not limited to:  domestic violence, shootings, stabbings, rape/sexual assault, DOA's, motor vehicle accident with serious/critical injuries, motor vehicle accident with fatality; just to name a few.  While thankfully these are minimal in numbers, they are possible with our line of work.  Should a call of this nature come in while a Junior is with our crew, the Junior will be either left safely at the station to handle the next call with another crew; or will be placed in the front seat of the ambulance to be shielded from what we encounter on scene.

If a bad call does come in, and the Junior member is exposed to this type of incident, we will take the same precautions as we do with our active members.  Read more about our critical incident stress debriefing (CISD) by clicking here.