Tri-Community Ambulance 

Proudly serving the residents of the Bergholz, Pekin, Sanborn and St. Johnsburg Fire districts since 1956!

EMS Recruitment Homepage!

Tri-Community Ambulance Service, Inc. is always actively recruiting men and women of all ages to join our proud ranks!  If you have EMS experience from another organization or your employer, check us out!  No EMS experience required!  When you join Tri-Community, we will guide you through our new member orientation program, and assist you with enrolling in our driver training and EMS courses to help get you online as a NYS credentialed provider!  

Tri-Community will ensure you are properly certified, trained and ready to handle calls on your own, before you are cleared to be on your own!  Tri-Community has a very active and aggressive field training program!

Not sure where we are here for more information on our location and proximity to landmarks you may already know!  Tri-Community is closer than you think....

Click here for additional information and resources about becoming a member of Tri-Community!

Member Benefits 

  • Male and Female Bunk Rooms and full bathrooms including shower facilities
  • Full laundry facilities (you need to supply your own detergent)
  • Make your own schedule and decide when you work with our online scheduling program!   IAMRESPONDING.COM
  • State-of-the-art equipment and vehicles
  • Day room with WiFi/Netflix and 2 computer stations to relax or complete needed work
  • Full Kitchen
  • Discount on Verizon Wireless Phone Service 
  • NYS DOH EMS Pilot Re-certification program
  • No residency requirements, students and Canadians welcome!

Membership Requirements 

Active Member

  • A minimum of 12 hours of service per month
  • Current CPR/First Aid Course or Complete within 6 months
  • Drivers must be over 18 years of age and take EVOC course, and be certified by Driver Trainer FTO program.
  • If you live outside the Tri-Community Service area you will be required to stay at the hall.
  • Must attend 1 company meeting per quarter or have excuse into Board of Directors
  • If qualified to drive must take EVOC, CEVO, or NDC within 2 years and be in driver FTO training program.
  • Must be over 18 years old

New Member Application

Additional Recruitment Information

Junior Member

  • 14 - 17 years old
  • Maintain grades in school Maintain grades in school
  • Have parental permission Have parental permission

New Member Application

Additional Recruitment Information

Social Member

Total of 13 hours per year - 5 hours at yearly fundraiser 8 additional hours at other company events

If you are interested in joining please call our station at number below or stop by our station.  You can also download an application here

Informative Recruitment Videos pertaining to volunteer emergency services!