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I received a do I pay?

If you were a patient with Tri-Community, you will receive a bill from our third-party medical billing company; MEDEX Billing, Inc. If you have health insurance; you will want to communicate with them to ensure they have a copy of the bill, or promptly send in the bill to your health insurance.  

If this bill is resulting from a motor vehicle accident; please make sure you route this bill to YOUR personal automobile insurer, regardless of liability or fault in the accident. New York is considered a no-fault state, therefore your personal auto insurance will pay. You will want to ensure you have advised your insurer you sought medical treatment, and will want to complete your no fault benefits ("PIP application") timely. Failure to do so may result in a coverage disclaimer from your carrier. If you advised us or the hospital of your personal health insurance plan, please contact MEDEX Billing, Inc. with your auto insurance company information (company, policy number, date of loss, and claim number).

You will want to consult with your medical or auto insurer for your benefit specifics. Your carrier will be able to inform you of any deductibles or co-pays associated with an ambulance bill. Once your health insurance pays their portion, if there is any residual amount still pending; the statement received from MEDEX Billing, Inc. will show how and where to remit your payment to.

If you have questions pertaining to a patient bill, please click here to send MEDEX Billing, Inc. an inquiry for review.